Cannabis clubs for sale in Barcelona

All the clubs on this list are verified by our team

Application to buy a cannabis club


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In order to process your petition, please follow the instructions below.

We don’t disclose any information about the clubs available for sale until you have been prequalified as:

  • The decision maker
  • A liquid investor
  • A valid potential investor

You need three people in order to buy a cannabis club




They must fulfil the following requirements

They must have a DNI or Spanish NIE.

They must be 18 years old or older.

They can’t have a criminal record.

Important Information

  • Legal Repercussions for the Directive Members

The directive members are the legal representatives of the cannabis club.
The directive members would have no problem with the law in Spain or their home country as long as they follow the instructions from the lawyer.

  • The Cannabis Club’s License

The clubs for sale on this website are in possession of the operating license, which belongs to that location alone. There are no new licenses being issued, so the market is very limited.

  • Estimated Price Range

The average price is €200,000 for every 100 sqm. for clubs located in Ciutat Vella.
If the club is active and productive, it’s more expensive. Twice as expensive in some cases.

We have clubs ranging from €270,000 to €1,300,000.

  • Consultancy Session

If you are prequalified as a potential investor, we will arrange a consultancy session with a broker that will design your profile as an investor and put you in contact with the clubs for sale.

The consultancy session costs €200 per hour.

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